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Switchfly, Inc., is a travel commerce platform for direct channel booking that drives maximum loyalty and revenue for its clients. Through the company?s global network of ancillary merchandise for activity, air, car, hotel and insurance, Switchfly facilitates the redemption of more than 40B points and miles and generates over $3B in revenues for customers each year. The company?s global customer base includes American Airlines, JetBlue and LATAM Airlines; IAG Avios and United MileagePlus; InterContinental Hotels Group, Marriott International and Starwood Hotels and Resorts; Groupon and Living Social; and MasterCard and VISA. For more information, visit  www.switchfly.com .   DIGITAL STRATEGY SOLUTION FRAMEWORK Switchfly designed the digital strategy solution framework to help airlines and other travel brands identify the opportunities that leverage the strengths of their core business practices. This framework also points airlines and travel companies toward the solutions they need to optimize their operations, loyalty strategies, revenue development initiatives and cost reduction measures to thrive in a shifting travel landscape.     This framework has three pillars:  operational excellence, customer intimacy, and product leadership. Airlines and other travel companies will discover that their organizational capabilities align most closely to one of these pillars, while one or both of the others will represent opportunities for growth.   Please join Glenn Wastyn, our VP of Strategy and Growth for EMEA, as he discusses the digital strategy solution framework at the Aviation Festival during his speaking session on Wednesday, September 5 th  at 10:20am at Aviation Loyalty.     PRODUCTS Switchfly Loyalty This comprehensive loyalty solution allows your members to earn and redeem points or points + cash for travel merchandise with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Your business rules and parameters are seamlessly integrated with Switchfly?s robust global inventory for customized loyalty member offers.   Switchfly Packaging The most flexible ancillary merchandising solution, Switchfly?s Packaging allows businesses to deliver a superior customer experience and maximize the per-customer value by creating bundles of first- and third-party ancillary products and services during the booking flow.   Switchfly Airline Booking Engine With Switchfly?s Airline Booking Engine, businesses can present customers with first-party and third-party ancillaries during the booking path to increase revenue per customer while delivering a superior customer experience.   Switchfly Post-Booking This solution offers businesses an additional opportunity to offer personalized ancillary merchandise between the purchase point and time of travel.     PLATFORM Brand-Matched ?Switchfly can power or significantly improve your booking engine, without sending customers to a different site ? completely brand matched. With Switchfly?s global inventory network and tools for travel ecommerce, businesses can tailor messaging, merchandise, product offerings and pricing for each customer.   Choice and Control ? Switchfly offers a powerful insights tool and real-time business decision engine that integrates member profiles and CRM systems, and allows our clients to increase customer engagement, revenue and control over their business decisions.   Managed Service ? With Switchfly?s Managed Service solution, businesses only need to focus on one relationship, one contract and one platform. We do all of the heavy lifting, including negotiating and managing a multitude of vendor contracts and relationships, so clients get built-in choice and ease of implementation, and higher ancillary revenue.   API ? Switchfly APIs allow you to quickly gain access to global travel inventory through modular, nimble APIs and developer-friendly tools.