Radixx International

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The Radixx airline merchandising, distribution, and fulfillment solutions combine retail best practices and airline expertise to enable airlines to become effective retailers and efficient operators. The Radixx micro-service based architecture provides flexibility and stability, supporting both ticketed & ticketless environments and network connectivity for airlines of all business models. The innovative Radixx solutions allow airlines to differentiate their brand, through increased control, and monetize multiple customer touchpoints in an invoice-based order, through any channel.
Hosted on the cloud, the Radixx solutions deliver scalability engineered at the core, enabling quick integration and automated deployments for increased innovation velocity. The robust Radixx solutions leverage API gateways for integration to 3rd parties in a highly intuitive, browser-based interface. All solutions deliver data encryption, security, and payment integration. Radixx solutions support most industry standards and certifications.
Sabre acquired Radixx in October 2019 as part of the technology company’s entrance into the fast-growing LCC and Hybrid segment.