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Reimagining connectivity for aviation 

OneWeb is building a satellite communications network in space that will deliver seamless and uninterrupted in-flight connectivity globally.

With globally consistent performance comparable to terrestrial services, delivering hundreds of Mbps per aircraft and latency of less than 100ms – over every continent, every ocean and even in the polar regions, OneWeb is transforming the airborne connectivity experience now and for the future.  We’ll enable airlines to offer their passengers an in-flight connectivity experience that is limited only by their imagination – not bandwidth.

With nearly 70% of our operational fleet of 648 high-tech, high-performance satellites already in low Earth orbit, we remain on mission to deliver aviation services in 2023. We’re working with world-class distribution and technology partners to deliver a viable, certifiable and scalable in-flight connectivity solution for the aviation industry – by the aviation industry. Our constellation will enable continuous, high-speed connectivity for passengers and deliver tangible operational benefits for airline operators worldwide.

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