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FLIGHTKEYS is a Vienna based software development company founded in April 2015 by a team of passionate and high-profile aviation experts with very specific knowledge and long-term experience in the field of flight planning & optimization.

“Our mission has been to completely re-write the science of flight management for the 21st century by precisely meeting the emerging requirements of cost-optimized airline operations, trajectory-based operations and reduction of emissions and global warming. We are serving from small operators to the largest US major carriers in the world as well as the business jet community with 8000+ aircraft every single day”.

Stop by the FLIGHTKEYS Booth 1.407 and get your personal technology demo and sustainability discussion with our team experts in relation to the:

FLIGHTKEYS 5D Flight Management Solution

SPACEKEYS RAIM Pro RAIM prediction services

SKYKEYS LORETTA EFB Flightdeck Assistant app offering easy-to-use cost-, fuel- and tactical optimizations as well as contrail avoidance functionality for your pilots

Looking forward to welcoming you at Booth 1.407