Company Profile


CodeGen is a proven, agile and leading travel technology provider of next generation end-to-end software solutions and reservation systems for Airlines and other sectors.


TravelBox is our flagship product for Airline merchandising and holiday packaging. The system provides complete booking lifecycle management and fulfilment automation from initial enquiry right the way through to travel accounts ledger entry generation.


We specialise in digital transformation and streamlining technical infrastructure to help large travel businesses increase revenue, reduce cost and improve operational efficiencies.


Our USP is our commitment to research and development. We have extensive experience in Artificial Intelligence as well as a large and dedicated team of experts who are focused on helping our clients improve the customer experience. We have developed several additional products that can be integrated with TravelBox to provide an intelligent travel platform or sold separately and integrated to your other systems.


Lia chatbot


Lia chatbot is an advanced AI built on our own Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine and Ontology to have ‘Human-like’ conversations with passengers.

Lia is currently deployed with Airlines including Montenegro Airlines.

Key features:

                Handles all FAQ including queries at times of disruption, reducing call waiting time and improving customer service

                Learns from every interaction to help grow its knowledge base so contact centre agents can focus on complex enquiries

                Provides rich content including images and links to relevant material

                Voice enabled. Lia works with the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant 

                Human Handover to call centre representatives to carry on from where the bot left off.

                Lia can be embedded into Facebook Messenger and similar

                Integrates with inventory systems to provide rates and availability in real time

                Imports loyalty data to provide personalised recommendations