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BBHS is an agile company made of entrepreneurs who creates change in operating cost of Bulk Baggage Handling and improve the overall passenger experience. In order to achieve this goal, we work closely with partners who share our vision – to make significant changes in Baggage Handling and operation hereof.

BBHS Intelligent Baggage Handling eliminating 95% of manual lifting and increasing efficiency of baggage carts introducing the BBHS Baggage Cart and efficient Departure add on Consolidation Units as well as Arrival Consolidation Units bringing previously unseen efficiency, speed and gentle handling to the Baggage Handling process.

BBHS, Intelligent Baggage Handling, is based on a logistics philosophy of creating a system with balance between checked and dispatched baggage. The system handles baggage systematically in bulk, performing make-up and consolidation as an add-on to existing baggage handling systems, both in the sortation hall, on the apron and at the aircraft. The aim is to handle baggage by LEAN principles of just in time and pull, opposed to the current push operations occupying vast capacity in existing baggage handling systems. Baggage is dispatched on-demand for each departure and is semi-automatically loaded to the aircraft. BBHS can improve efficiency, capacity, and work environment for departure and arrival baggage handling, including ULD operations.