777 Travel

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AeroCRS, WorldTicket and Air Black Box are part of 777 Travel, 777 Partners’ travel technology portfolio, supporting the company’s ambitious technology strategy. We're focused on delivering solutions that create new commerce channels for travel companies and improve next-generation retailing, distribution, interlining, and passenger connectivity. Together the businesses provide a suite of solutions that empower airlines of all sizes to accelerate growth through new approaches to connectivity and commerce.

About AeroCRS
Founded in 2006, AeroCRS offers proven technology and the product suite has been adopted significantly over the last two years, including inventory management, reservations, and flight/fare management technology. With cloud based and NDC level 4 technology at its heart, AeroCRS already hosts 90 airlines worldwide, with eight more in advanced implementation.

About W2 by WorldTicket
Founded in 2002 WorldTicket is currently partnering with more than 75 airlines worldwide supporting these customers with innovative and flexible airline IT solutions. WorldTicket also has an AOC holding airline, FlexFlight, with the IATA code W2. This allows the innovative company to sub-host any airline into the GDS without any long implementation times and upfront investments.

About Air Black Box
Air Black Box provides airlines, airports, and travel tech companies with the technology solutions they need to seamlessly connect their inventory across other airlines and travel networks. Air Black Box’s Travel Connection Platform is the travel industry’s first cross-brand solution to enable the connection, sharing and cross-selling of travel product inventory, regardless of carrier type or PSS platform.