Viktoriya Soubra | Director of Sales

Viktoriya Soubra, Director of Sales, iCoupon

Viktoriya Soubra is Director of Sales at iCoupon with nearly 20 years’ experience of aiding airlines to improve passengers’ experience during delays and disruptions.  After graduating with an MBA from a London school Viktoriya entered Aviation Industry at London Heathrow as Customer Service Executive in T4. After 7 years with bmed, bmi and LH in UK within multiple departments Viktoriya moved to UAE where she represented Travelliance (latterly acquired by Fleetcor) which grew to become industry leader for HOTAC in EMEA. Viktoriya’s base in Dubai helps to reinforce iCoupons global expansion.


World Aviation Festival 2024 - Day 1 @ 12:00

Presentation: Transforming Crisis Management with Intelligent Vouchering

last published: 12/Jul/24 09:25 GMT

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