Thorsten Lange | Executive Vice President, Renewable Aviation

Thorsten Lange, Executive Vice President, Renewable Aviation, Neste

Thorsten Lange has been the Executive Vice President of
Neste Corporation’s Renewable Aviation business unit and
member of the Executive Committee since January 2020.
Before joining the company, he worked at Lufthansa for two
decades in various roles, most recently as the head of Fuel
Procurement (global). He has also had various positions in
the oil sector.
Thorsten Lange is a member of the IATA Fuel Steering
Group. Previously he has also been the Chairman of the
IATA Commercial Fuel group, a member of the IATA Fuel
Working Group as well as a member of the Star Alliance
Fuel Advisory Group.


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last published: 16/May/22 14:36 GMT

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