Thijs Pasman | Product Manager, Data

Thijs Pasman, Product Manager, Data, Transavia

Since 2008 Thijs works at Transavia Airlines in different roles in the HQ organization. As a Project Manager he has implemented the core ticket reservations system, developed the website and the mobile app.  As a Product Manager Data & Integration he has developed the platform that integrated the Financial systems with the Operational Flight and Crew systems. Now as a Data & Analytics Translator he advises senior stakeholders on how to take on business challenges with advanced data solutions like predictive and optimizing models and develops these together with the central Data & Intelligence team.


World Aviation Festival Day 2 @ 14:00

How Transavia are aiming to be more predictive both commercially and operationally by using data to drive effective decision making across the airline

last published: 20/May/22 11:56 GMT

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