Shelley Armato | Chief Executive Officer

Shelley Armato, Chief Executive Officer, MySmartPlans

Shelley Armato is the founder and CEO of the state-of-the-art software MySmartPlans. MySmartPlans was created in 2007 to eliminate chaos in construction and has managed thousands of projects while preventing litigation.  MySmartPlans gives owners full control over their documentation with the assistance of our personal Project Information Managers to transform digital governance delivery. MySmartPlans creates accountability, transparency and efficiency during the construction process which has been lacking in the industry. Shelley’s integrity is the driving force behind Data Governance, which mitigates the risk associated with insufficient document oversight. Shelley is also the host of the Podcast Rebuilding with Shelley Armato. And Shelley founded the Courage Coalition in 2011, which believes that one person can change the world by sharing their courage.


World Aviation Festival Day 1 @ 14:55

MySmartPlans Presentation: Transparent Construction Data Takes Flight

last published: 15/Aug/22 09:25 GMT

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