Robert Albert | Chief Executive Officer
Routehappy by ATPCO

Robert Albert, Chief Executive Officer, Routehappy by ATPCO

Robert Albert is an e-commerce and media entrepreneur. Robert started Routehappy in 2011 to help airlines and distributors differentiate and better monetize flight shopping, and to improve the shopping experience for consumers. As Founder & CEO of Routehappy, Robert led the creation of comprehensive rich content industry standards, including Flight Amenities, UPAs (Universal Product Attributes) and UTAs (Universal Ticket Attributes), allowing airlines to distribute rich content easily in any sales channel. Routehappy rich content is now displayed in billions of flights searches every year worldwide. Routehappy was acquired by ATPCO in February 2018, establishing it as the industry standard for airline rich content. Prior to Routehappy, Robert was VP Media at Travelocity and General Manager Site59.


World Aviation Festival - 5th September @ 12:55

CEO PANEL DISCUSSION: Future airline business models – Consolidation, ultra-long-haul, evolving LCCs and new types of revenue

    What will be the further impact of consolidation and will we see any further mega-mergers? After recent failures what is the future of low-cost long-haul and does this prove that the model is not economically viable? What is the business case for ultra-long-haul routes, and does it actually make economic sense for airlines? How can airlines capitalise on passenger trends such as digital travel spending and personalisation to generate new types of revenue?
last published: 20/Aug/19 09:15 GMT

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