Patrick Hagelauer | Vice President, Strategy and Innovation

Patrick Hagelauer, Vice President, Strategy and Innovation, Navblue

Patrick holds a French engineering school degree, a Masters degree in Aeronautical Engineering from MIT and a PhD on aircraft 4D trajectory optimization. He started as an avionics engineer at Airbus designing innovative functions for the Flight Management System (FMS). He led the development of the A380 FMS which introduced interactivity in the Airbus cockpits. Patrick then took on the Program Manager responsibility for the navigation, communication, surveillance systems on the A350 Program before joining NAVBLUE in October 2018 as Head of Strategy and Innovation. He has 25 years experience in the aerospace industry.


World Aviation Festival Day 2 @ 14:45

Panel: Where are the current priorities when it comes to predicting and automating operations?

last published: 15/Aug/22 09:25 GMT

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