Osama Sheikh | Project Manager - Technology And Innovation
Pakistan International Airline

Osama Sheikh, Project Manager - Technology And Innovation, Pakistan International Airline

A business professional with a diversified experience in leading digital transformation. Recently, successfully migrated PSS & GDS project in record four months’ time – it was the biggest transformation project in PIA over past 18 years. Also, I am working on IATA STB (Simplify the Business) program to transform business practices and processes to deliver value to the industry.

Personally, I love to travel, going on adventures and exploring new cultures.


World Aviation Festival - 4th September @ 16:45

NDC - The new era of Distribution; Airlines Perspective

  • What are the challenges for legacy Airlines to move towards NDC.
  • Does market is ready for NDC, Acceptability of new capabilities within airlines and for the market.
  • Level of transparency for travelers with NDC capabilities.
last published: 18/Jun/19 08:06 GMT

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