Ornagh Hoban | CMO

Ornagh Hoban, CMO, Datalex

Ornagh Hoban is the Datalex CMO. She works to integrate corporate functions which influence and direct market and product strategy and promote global brand advocacy and impact. Ornagh has a 20-year track record in the global travel and digital tech industry and has held a number of executive roles in B2B corporate development, sales and product marketing.


World Aviation Festival - 4th September @ 14:30

Fireside Chat: Datalex and SAS

Datalex CEO Aidan Brogan interviews one of their airline partners about how they believe NDC can augment the value and experience the traveller receives from the airline’s existing product offering and service. They will discuss how the concepts of travel retail and personalisation can provide learnings for other business units within the organisation – for example in terms of the use of data science and tailoring the customer experience. Finally, they will also consider how NDC will change the nature of the airline relationship with the indirect channels, as it becomes a critical standard for airlines that wish to maximise the business potential of working with partners across multiple channels.

last published: 19/Jun/19 10:55 GMT

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