Marcus Motzkuhn | Manager Digital Distribution
Sunexpress Airlines

Marcus Motzkuhn, Manager Digital Distribution, Sunexpress Airlines

Responsible for digital innovations and strategy. Best in class data quality and connectivity for distribution via 3rd parties such as OTAs, Metasearch, dynamic packaging and and other touristic sales channels. 
Implemented the latest NDC technology and architecture for all group airlines to connect external agents and partners. 

Developing and implementing conversational frontends such as Chatbots and Voice Skills for the next generation of customer UX.

First in Europe to bring a leisure airline to NDC Level 3 certification.
Key driver for added ancillaries sales, covering sourcing and integration of innovative products and services,

Business Analyst and Technical Analyst for Process and Interface re-engineering of a global production and reservation system in the tourism business.

IBE- and CRS-Connectivity, Data-Export-Formats for Caching and HUB/Player technology, EDF, Front- and Back-Office solutions in the Tourism Industry


World Aviation Festival - 4th September @ 15:15

How Sunexpress is using NDC to develop complete customer centricity

  • How are passenger behaviours and new technologies influencing the future of distribution?
  • What is the future of search and booking through voice technology and how will ancillaries be integrated?
  • Going all in on NDC and building your website and sales channels around the new NDC world
last published: 23/Aug/19 13:25 GMT

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