Lynsey Lowe | SAM

Lynsey Lowe, SAM, Cirium

Lynsey Lowe’s career spans 25 years, all of which have been in the travel industry, namely Travel Management Companies and Airlines. After nearly 10 years working within the ‘TMC’ community, in various roles, Lynsey moved into the airline industry with Emirates, as part of the UK Sales Team. She spent the next 7 years with Emirates, growing her customer base supporting the huge growth expansion of the airline. Lynsey’s most recent role in aviation, prior to Cirium, was with easyJet, where she was part of a team spearheading corporate sales across easyJet’s vast European network in a new function developed to connect an original B2C airline with business travellers, growing demand and yield. It was here that Lynsey experienced the benefits of using data and analytics, accelerating, and supporting business decisions, ultimately leading her to Cirium.

Lynsey joined Cirium in October 2020 and is responsible for Cirium’s relationships with the largest airlines in Europe, leading the transformation and acceleration of data fluency and digitalisation by truly understanding commercial aviation pain points and objectives.  


World Aviation Festival Day 2 @ 12:00

Panel: Understanding how we can improve operational decision making by using analytics, cloud technology, effective workforce management and machine learning tools?

last published: 20/May/22 11:56 GMT

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