Luca Zuccoli | Chief Data Officer

Luca Zuccoli, Chief Data Officer, EasyJet

Luca Zuccoli joined easyJet in August 2018 as the airline’s first Chief Data Officer. easyJet has the ambition of becoming the most data driven airline in the world and Luca brings world-leading technical data expertise as well as the experience of successfully applying data management to drive value in a commercial context.

Luca and his team will give even greater focus and weight to the airline’s use of this data to create insights which will-improve the customer proposition, drive revenue, reduce cost and improve operational reliability. Prior to joining the airline Luca was at Experian plc where he was Head of Analytics and Data Lab for their Asia-Pacific region, based in Singapore focusing on managing Analytics and leading big data/Al data. Following a Masters in Statistics from Carnegie Mellon University, Luca worked in house and as a consultant in financial services as well as Mercer (now Oliver Wyman), Roland Berger as a partner and Applied Predictive Technologies for world-leading brands like McDonalds, Barclays and Carrefour.


World Aviation Festival - 5th September @ 17:00

CLOSING KEYNOTE PANEL DISCUSSION: Data driven airlines – What are airlines doing to create insights that will improve the customer proposition, drive revenue and reduce costs?

  • There are now billions of data points on a day to day business – How do we retain that data to help improve the next journey?
  • How close are we to achieving a new level of data-driven collaboration across all airline functions collectively to deliver a more seamless customer experience?
  • Have we succumbed to the Googles & Amazons of this world - How will airline data fit into the travel ecosystem of the future?
  • Ultimately can new technologies and big data help reduce tight profit margins and intensify global competition?
last published: 19/Mar/19 15:25 GMT

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