Lennart Dobravsky | Director Of Research And Intelligence
Lufthansa Innovation Hub GmbH,

Lennart Dobravsky, Director Of Research And Intelligence, Lufthansa Innovation Hub GmbH,

Lennart Dobravsky is the Director of Research & Intelligence at the Lufthansa Innovation Hub – the digital transformation spearhead of the world's largest aviation corporation Lufthansa Group. In this role, he and his team engage in state-of-the-art market research and trend analysis of thousands of data points on startups, venture capital, news media, expert opinions, patents, and website and app engagement to help decipher and predict the future of travel. Prior to joining Lufthansa, Lennart worked at management consulting firm Bain & Company, where he extensively explored new big-data research tools and technologies to discover emerging trends, uncover patterns and reveal opportunity across various industries.

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