Leanne Lynch | Director of Technology and Cyber Defence

Leanne Lynch, Director of Technology and Cyber Defence, Heathrow

Leanne joined Heathrow Airport as the Director for Digital services to establish of a new department that will deliver the technology enablers and operating model to support Heathrow’s digital and data strategies.

In March 2020 her role changed significantly, and she is now the Director for Technology and Cyber Defence.  Leanne enjoys weaving together ideas and the right talent to get tangible deliverables done and ensuring those involved understand the transformation purpose and have fun along the journey. A strong advocate of diversity, developing high performing teams and how flexible working should not hold you back.


World Aviation Festival Day 1 @ 12:55

CIO Panel: Exploring the extent to which data drives the quality of an airport’s curb-to-gate passenger flow

World Aviation Festival Day 1 @ 14:40

Heathrow Case Study: How is Heathrow using digital & data to improve the end-to-end airport journey?

last published: 16/May/22 14:36 GMT

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