Landry Holi | CEO

Landry Holi, CEO, Fairval

Landry Holi, founder and CEO of Fairval, brings nearly 30 years of distinguished experience in the travel and transportation industry, specializing in digital solutions for airlines, tour operators, cruise lines, hotels, and OTAs. Through former senior roles in Amadeus and Accenture, Landry has led strategic innovation initiatives, focusing on AI solution engineering and data-centric digital transformations. At Fairval, Landry pioneers AI transformations with his innovative AIJourneyPath framework, leveraging his extensive expertise in M&A, fundraising, corporate innovation incubators, and large-scale digital transformation projects. His deep connections within the traveltech start-up and investment ecosystem, as an advisor and business angel, positions him at the forefront of the travel & transportation industry transformation. Landry's academic credentials include a MSc in Computer Science, a MSc in Finance Engineering, and an MBA. Passionate about travel and innovation, he is committed to revolutionizing the aviation industry by fostering the deployment of impactful AI and sustainable solutions.

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