Jean Francois Simons | VP EMEA
Aviation ISAc

Jean Francois Simons, VP EMEA, Aviation ISAc

Jean-François Simons has been working in IT for about 27 years from which 15 years in Information Security. While working as a CISO at Brussels Airlines, part of the Lufthansa Group, he had the opportunity attending the RSAC conference where he heard an inspiring quote: “In the fight against cyber criminality, we will collectively succeed or individually fail”. He actively engaged in the Aviation ISAC community as well as other knowledge exchange initiatives such as The Star Alliance Information Security Group, close collaboration with Eurocontrol or regulation review meetings with EASA before joining the ISAC in November 2021. Strong believer in the value of knowledge sharing and collective cyber security efforts, he recently was appointed as chair of the European Council of ISACs and advocates the power of sectorial exchanges throughout his network.


World Aviation Festival 2024 - Day 1 @ 10:30

Panel: How can the aviation industry accurately identify risks and develop robust cyber security strategies to address global threats?

World Aviation Festival 2024 - Day 1 @ 12:15

Panel: How will advancements in AI technology impact the technical aspects of cyber security within the aviation industry?

last published: 12/Jul/24 09:25 GMT

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