Javier Jimenez | Chief Operating Officer & Cofounder

Javier Jimenez, Chief Operating Officer & Cofounder, Airnguru

Javier is a seasoned specialist in airline revenue management and pricing with over a decade of experience in the airline industry. His tenure at LATAM Airlines provided him with profound insights into commercial strategy and operational excellence. Javier has been pivotal in devising strategies that bolstered efficiency and profitability, establishing himself as an expert in the field.

As a co-founder of Airnguru, Javier has shifted his focus towards harnessing technology to drive innovation in airline pricing & revenue management. His endeavors in incorporating cloud computing and big data solutions are redefining the norms for how airlines manage pricing and revenue optimization. His ambition is to persistently seek and deploy technological advancements that streamline and improve airline revenue management processes, pushing the industry toward more sustainable and profitable futures.

Throughout his career, Javier has adeptly combined technical expertise with strategic foresight, developing solutions that tackle both the immediate and long-term challenges in airline revenue management and pricing.

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