GUÐNÝ HALLA HAUKSDÓTTIR | Director Customer Experience Development and Innovation

GUÐNÝ HALLA HAUKSDÓTTIR, Director Customer Experience Development and Innovation, Icelandair

Joined Icelandair in October 2021 and took the role of Customer Experience Development & Innovation.

For the last six years I was responsible for customer experience at Reykjavik energy, Iceland biggest energy and utility company.

My goal at Icelandar is to disrupt the airline industry to become at core more customer focused and to adjust processes and create an outstanding customer journey. Implement the seamless customer experience with targeted, personal and relevant digital communications and to be proactively assisting and helping the customer.
When in need of a service all communications should me given a positive framework and to have IT system to enforce that and support the experience we want the customer to have.  


World Aviation Festival Day 2 @ 12:00

Panel: How are the requirements for more flexibility, touchless technologies and the increasingly complex nature of travel impacting our ability to handle disruptions effectively?

last published: 15/Aug/22 09:25 GMT

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