Fahad ibne Masood | Faculty/Researcher (Aviation / Airport Management)
Modern College of Business & Science

Fahad ibne Masood, Faculty/Researcher (Aviation / Airport Management), Modern College of Business & Science

Fahad ibne Masood, MRAeS, is a thought-leader bridging the gap between the aviation industry and academia with 25 years of experience and strategic expertise. His extensive background in both civil and military aviation sectors highlight his exceptional leadership qualities and tactical acumen. Fahad's distinguished military service and deep understanding of aerospace operations and safety shape his transformative leadership and strategic vision. He advances sustainable practices, innovative technologies, and global safety standards through the Royal Aeronautical Society (UK) and ISASI, translating complex academic knowledge into actionable policies. Recognized as a Community Top Voice in Airport Management and Civil Aviation, he advocates for diversity and inclusion with cross-cultural expertise. Fahad is pivotal in Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and Urban Air Traffic Management (UATM), driving progress and fostering innovation by contributing to the development of the next-generation workforce and autonomous flight operations. His sustainability efforts aim to reduce the environmental impact of aviation, enriching the industry talent pool and ensuring diverse perspectives shape the future of aviation. As an esteemed Human Factors and Crew Resource Management (CRM) Instructor/Trainer, he is renowned for his expertise in CRM principles and Threat and Error Management (TEM). His practical and engaging training programs enhance communication, teamwork, and decision-making for aviation professionals. Captain Fahad ibne Masood brings evidence-based, quantifiable value to international aviation working groups and committees through his rich tapestry of experiences and portfolio of achievements.


World Aviation Festival 2024 - Day 2 @ 12:45

Panel: Data synergy: Can we unlock aviation’s potential through collaboration?

World Aviation Festival 2024 - Day 2 @ 14:55

Panel: Future- proofing security: Can technology help us forge a smarter, robust security ecosystem?

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