Eveliina Huurre | Senior Vice President of Sustainability

Eveliina Huurre, Senior Vice President of Sustainability, Finnair

Eveliina Huurre as Finnair’s SVP Sustainability concentrates on solving the issue of flight emissions to support the social and economical well-being brought by flight industry. Before her role as a sustainability leader Eveliina was working as a Vice President for Finnair’s Inflight experience. Prior to Finnair she has worked as a Director in multiple roles in Private and Public Social- and Health Care.  In addition, Eveliina is a member of the executive board at social-and healthcare provider Mehiläinen and the Finnish institute for Health and Welfare.


World Aviation Festival 2024 - Day 2 @ 14:40

Presentation: What does the pathway to net-zero by 2045 look like for Finnair?

World Aviation Festival 2024 - Day 2 @ 14:55

Panel: How are global perspectives and collaborative efforts driving sustainability in the aviation sector?

last published: 12/Jul/24 09:25 GMT

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