Erin Beilharz | Head of ESG for IT
Lufthansa Group

Erin Beilharz, Head of ESG for IT, Lufthansa Group

Erin Beilharz, Principle Consultant at Lufthansa Systems, works at the edge of rapid innovation and complex corporate growth. She is a key influencer of innovation, technology, and sustainability in aviation. Erin scales and commercializes intrapreneurship from within companies and establishes partnerships with startups and corporates in the areas of AI, advanced materials, alternative fuels, future powertrains, automation, advanced air mobility, green energy, quantum computing, and alternative plastics. She established the CleanTech Hub at the Lufthansa Group, a full-fledged scouting, scaling and funding outfit for aviation tech that has brought over 20 tech projects into the Lufthansa Group companies spanning alternative fuels, alternative plastics and waste solutions, AI, lightweighting, hydrogen and future aircraft. She is currently leading Responsible AI, implementing green coding across the organization, and recently founded an applied Neuroscience Lab.


World Aviation Festival 2024 - Day 1 @ 14:30

Panel: How can AI and data analytics be harnessed to mitigate contrails and drive sustainability in aviation?

last published: 12/Jul/24 09:25 GMT

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