Dee Waddell | Global Managing Director, Travel And Transportation

Dee Waddell, Global Managing Director, Travel And Transportation, IBM


World Aviation Festival - 5th September @ 08:20

IBM Keynote: Transcending Expectations: Transforming in a world of Mobile, Data, and AI

In an era of commoditization and expectations that things will move at lightning-speed, how do airlines transform and transcend above by empowering every front-line employee and leveraging all assets of the airline by unleashing mobile, data and AI.

World Aviation Festival - 5th September @ 12:40

CIO Panel: What are the biggest challenges of integrating digital technology into the aviation industry?

  • Can the airline industry unlearn enough, disrupt itself and digitally transform to compete with leading digital players?
  • In a hyper-competitive global market how can carriers use digital and AI to differentiate themselves from competitors?
  • How can digital and AI help bridge the personalisation gap to transform the passenger experience?
  • What are the potential untapped applications for blockchain and IoT that could become genuine game changers?
last published: 23/Aug/19 13:25 GMT

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