Clare Ward | Principal, Digital Transformation & Aviation

Clare Ward, Principal, Digital Transformation & Aviation, Aquila

Clare is an innovative and accomplished executive with over 26 years’ experience in leadership roles from startups to the FTSE100, including companies such as British Airways, Etihad, Dubai Airports, and most recently Kenya Airways where she was CIO.  She has a track record of driving bottom line value through Digital Transformation across the Aviation and Travel industries. A qualified Chartered Accountant with a diverse, global career, Clare brings extensive business expertise, technology thought leadership and cultural experience to her clients.


World Aviation Festival Day 1 @ 12:25

The digital transformation and evolution of the aviation industry.

  • Maintaining a fine balance in increasing digital support for the business by streamlining the central IT function to be more end-to-end?
  • Why agility and cloud were essential for survival and what does the future hold when it comes to fully utilising cloud and devops within an airline?
  • How behavioural customer changes due to the pandemic could drive new technology and create new business opportunities?

World Aviation Festival Day 1 @ 12:55

CIO/CDO Panel: Accelerating digital strategies as a real game changer during Covid – are we in a good position now to take full advantage of cloud and the latest technologies emerging?

  • What will be your digital priorities for the years ahead and will long term IT transformations be less of a focus in the years to come?
  • How do you balance the lack of capital expenditure with the extra layer of complexity we now face due to travel restrictions and interoperability issues?
  • In what way can we cater for the increase in passenger expectations based on their enhanced digital experiences from other industries during the pandemic?
  • What will future collaboration models look like and how will you balance this with a requirement for more sustainable solutions?

World Aviation Festival Day 1 @ 14:40

How does American Airlines plan to offer enhanced travel retailing to help drive recovery?

  • Beginning a new chapter of engagement with our customers, what is the future for self-service and self-choice?
  • What are the critical post-booking capabilities that can enable the right content at the right time for our customers?
  • Integrating NDC-enabled content into the travel agency ecosystem

World Aviation Festival Day 1 @ 15:25

Distribution Panel: How has the distribution and retailing landscape changed and what have been the implications for the relationships between airlines, OTAs, GDSs and Agents?

  • Shifting from the traditional direct/indirect discussions to focus more on a digital vs legacy approach, is NDC starting to blur the lines?
  • Have we adapted enough to compete with new digital shopping norms?
  • How much flexibility can we continue to offer as passengers demand reassurance and digital agility?
  • As NDC rises in maturity what is the potential and investment appetite for further initiatives such as One Order as we emerge from this crisis?
  • Where should we be prioritising investment when it comes to end-to-end retailing capabilities, data and digital experiences?
  • How have relationships between airlines and third parties evolved during the last year and what new types of partners and platforms can we expect to see emerge in 2022?

World Aviation Festival Day 2 @ 10:15

Interview: Developing a robust retail strategy as we re-emerge in 2022

World Aviation Festival Day 2 @ 10:45

Panel: How can airlines become more effective retailers that are customer-centric rather than order centric?

  • As business recovery is likely to be uneven and based on location how do we restart successfully while also take retailing to the next level?
  • Has the pandemic given you an opportunity to rethink what retailing means to your airline?
  • Where are the opportunities to enable more self-service through mobile and do we rely too much on pushing offers at the booking stage?
  • As the need for real-time information, personalized offers and seamless transactions grow how can we move airline retailing into the future so we are closer to our customers?
  • What is next beyond NDC and how will airlines mature as retailers as we head in to 2022?

World Aviation Festival Day 2 @ 12:20

Ancillary Panel: How have airlines had to adapt their ancillary offerings throughout the pandemic and what level of flexibility will remain as we head in to 2022?

  • How are airlines applying advanced analytics and AI/ML to be a step ahead and influence customer decisions?
  • What are the challenges of further blending the physical and digital experiences to help boost ancillaries?
  • Understanding how we can handle new passenger expectations after they have had 2 years of new adoption and interactions with highly personalized and automated non-aviation tech brands?
  • How can airlines profit from the emergence of the retailer subscription economy and could this help build year round loyalty?
  • Where are the new touchpoints and new areas of ancillary revenue streams?
  • How could the emergence of airline super apps influence future ancillary opportunities and business models?
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