Catherine Phillips | Innovation Architect, Technology
Heathrow Airport Ltd

Catherine Phillips, Innovation Architect, Technology, Heathrow Airport Ltd

Before joining Heathrow, Catherine worked for the UK’s largest responsible business non-profit and developed the thought leadership report - Brave New World on how to ensure an inclusive digital revolution for both people and planet. Catherine’s current role focuses on Responsible Innovation at Heathrow, solving current business challenges and anticipating emerging issues, including the ethical use of data and technology. Shaping future strategies around technology by horizon scanning and building a strong Innovation Ecosystem. During the pandemic Catherine has led work on COVID-19 testing. Influencing government, involving academic research, and trialling options within the airport which will have lasting impacts on the future of travel and the transport industry.


World Aviation Festival Day 1 @ 12:55

Panel: How can airports prepare for the Advanced Air Mobility revolution?

last published: 16/May/22 14:36 GMT

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