Bahadir Durak | Senior Head of Data Analytics and Loyalty Programs
Pegasus Airlines

Bahadir Durak, Senior Head of Data Analytics and Loyalty Programs, Pegasus Airlines

Dr. Bahadır Durak Senior Head of Data Analytics and Loyalty Programs Pegasus Airlines    Bahadır Durak is a highly accomplished professional with a strong academic background and extensive experience in the field of data analytics and loyalty programs. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering from Middle East Technical University (METU), where he gained a solid foundation in engineering principles and problem-solving. Bahadır further advanced his knowledge with a Master's Degree in Data Mining from METU, specializing in extracting valuable insights from complex datasets. He then pursued his passion for optimizing business processes through a Doctorate (PhD) in Operations Research from Yeditepe University, focusing on applying advanced analytical techniques to drive operational efficiency and decision-making.   With his academic accomplishments, Bahadır has played a pivotal role in leading digital transformation and innovation initiatives throughout his career. As an R&D Manager at OBASE, an Enterprise Transformation and Process Manager at Innova, and a Technology Solutions Executive at Coca Cola, he successfully leveraged technology and data-driven strategies to drive business growth and enhance operational effectiveness.   Currently, Bahadir holds the position of Senior Head of Data Analytics and Loyalty Programs at Pegasus Airlines, where he leads and manages teams responsible for data analytics, loyalty programs, and partnerships. In this role, he plays a crucial role in driving the digital transformation and innovation agenda of the Pegasus Airlines. With his deep expertise in operations research and data mining, Bahadir leverages advanced analytics and insights to optimize business processes, enhance customer loyalty, and drive revenue growth in a highly competitive industry.

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