Annelie Nassen | Evp Global Sales And Marketing
Scandinavian Airlines

Annelie Nassen, Evp Global Sales And Marketing, Scandinavian Airlines

Annelie Nassen is leading a global organisation in constant change. She has more than 25 years of experience in various senior positions within a highly competitive industry. During her time at SAS she has managed to implement a number of changes at a rapid pace, both within the domestic and international landscape, and at the same time delivering good results. In 2016 she received the award manager of the year in the Swedish Grand Travel Award. In July 2017, she was appointed Executive Vice President Global Sales & Marketing, member of SAS Group Management.


World Aviation Festival - 4th September @ 14:30

Fireside Chat: Datalex and SAS

Datalex CEO Aidan Brogan interviews one of their airline partners about how they believe NDC can augment the value and experience the traveller receives from the airline’s existing product offering and service. They will discuss how the concepts of travel retail and personalisation can provide learnings for other business units within the organisation – for example in terms of the use of data science and tailoring the customer experience. Finally, they will also consider how NDC will change the nature of the airline relationship with the indirect channels, as it becomes a critical standard for airlines that wish to maximise the business potential of working with partners across multiple channels.

World Aviation Festival - 5th September @ 12:25

Sustaining digitisation of the customer journey

  • How is digital transformation augmenting our ability to retail effectively?
  • Focusing on mobile conversion: creating solutions to challenges of selling on the small screen
  • Creating a business model to sustain the interests of our key customers and safeguard the commercial

World Aviation Festival - 5th September @ 12:40

Next Generation Retail Panel: How can airlines grow sales and win over customers?

  • Developing our understanding of the customer: working intelligently to really implement meaningful personalisation
  • Understanding our sales channels: how can airlines truly optimise sales across channels?
  • Integrating into the wider travel market: is this the goal or should airlines focus on flying well?
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