Angela Vargo | Vice President of Marketing
Breeze Airways

Angela Vargo, Vice President of Marketing, Breeze Airways

Angela Vargo is Vice President of Marketing for Breeze Airways, the newest and nicest low fare airline in the U.S., where she is responsible for brand development, marketing strategy, customer experience and community engagement.

Angela has more than two decades of experience building brands, commercializing innovative products, and executing high impact marketing and communications strategies for both Fortune 500-sized and smaller, fast-growing companies .

Angela began her career at Southwest Airlines in 2002 where she oversaw the development of the industry’s first personal device-driven inflight entertainment platform and introduced “TV Flies Free” on 600 aircraft, giving customers unparalleled access to live streaming sports, news and other television content.

After being promoted to positions of increasing responsibility, she left Southwest to pursue her passion for creating disruptive brands within the aviation sector, serving as Director of Brand Communications for Surf Air and, most recently, as Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Dallas-based JSX.

Angela joined Breeze in March 2021 and soon after helped introduce the Breeze brand to the world on May 21, 2021.


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last published: 12/Sep/22 16:35 GMT

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