Ali Serdar Yakut | Chief Information Office
Turkish Airlines

Ali Serdar Yakut, Chief Information Office, Turkish Airlines

Ali Serdar YAKUT is the Chief Information Technology & Transformation Officer of Turkish Airlines since June 2015.

Ali Serdar YAKUT commenced his professional business life in 1996 in the finance sector. After serving in various positions and companies, in 2001 started working for IBM. In the first period of his career in IBM (2001 -2009) he worked as an executive in several large strategic outsourcing projects, and led several IT Transformations. 

In 2009 he joined one of the largest insurance companies of the country as the CIO. After serving the company for 5 years, and finalizing the business and technology transformation of the company, he was re-hired by IBM in 2014. He worked as Delivery Executive in IBM until he joined Turkish Airlines in June 2015.

 He has his Bachelors degree from Bilkent University, Faculty of Engineer, Computer Engineering and Information Science.


World Aviation Festival - 5th September @ 12:40

CIO Panel: What are the biggest challenges of integrating digital technology into the aviation industry?

  • Can the airline industry unlearn enough, disrupt itself and digitally transform to compete with leading digital players?
  • In a hyper-competitive global market how can carriers use digital and AI to differentiate themselves from competitors?
  • How can digital and AI help bridge the personalisation gap to transform the passenger experience?
  • What are the potential untapped applications for blockchain and IoT that could become genuine game changers?
last published: 23/Aug/19 13:25 GMT

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