Abhi Gummakonda | Senior Manager - IT Airport Services
United Airlines

Abhi Gummakonda, Senior Manager - IT Airport Services, United Airlines

Technology leader with accomplishments in enterprise architecture and digital product development. He led several Airport Operations digital transformation projects, cloud initiatives leveraging IoT, real time decision systems deployed on the edge. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Information Technology.


World Aviation Festival Summits @ 13:00

United Airlines Presentation: How can the implementation of IoT bring airports’ operations and the efficiency of passenger flow to the next level?

World Aviation Festival Summits @ 14:45

Panel: Exploring how AI, data and biometrics can bring the entire ground operations ecosystem to the next level

World Aviation Festival Day 2 @ 14:30

Panel: As we move towards an increasingly digitised world, does this make airports increasingly vulnerable and, if so, how can airports respond to this?

last published: 20/May/22 11:56 GMT

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