Yonder helps users find relevant information by providing shorter documents and manageable revisions. A workflow-based approval tool allows to collaborate without being physically in the same location. This workflow is configured to customer specific needs and can include regulatory authorities and external stakeholders.


We have over 15 years of experience with electronic documentation in aviation that we can leverage to our customers’ benefit. Our team has a diverse background ranging from a former EFB administrator for a large international airline to a long-haul captain knowing from his own experience what crews need.


Our software adds meta-information to the content to allow re-using of the same information in different contexts (filtering, versions, revisions, etc.). Differentiating software features include:

- Dynamic content filtering

- Revision task lists

- Workflow-based approval tool


Our services consist of converting lengthy manuals into small information units (modules) and keeping these modules up-to-date. Differentiating service features include:

- We do the hard work for you: converting lengthy manuals into modules

- We can keep your information up-to-date, you stay in control through workflow-based approval

- We deliver precision work, proudly made in Switzerland