Whyline's SaaS solution was created in 2015 to help companies manage the flow of people through the use of virtual queues and dynamic appointment scheduling.

Built with sophisticated algorithms and cloud computing, customers can see live wait times, enter the queue remotely or pre-book a grouped timeslot in advance, and let the software wait on their behalf from a safe and secure place until it’s their turn to be serviced. The company has successfully serviced over 20 million customers to date across Latin America, Europe and the United States. 

With Whyline's airport solution, passengers can pre-book their airport arrival timeslot at the same time they check-in remotely for their flight. They then show up to the designated security checkpoint at the time of their appointment and scan their QR code via an e-gate or officer without having to wait in a long, winding queue. This cuts down security checkpoint wait-times, enhances safe social distancing at the airport, and helps to flatten the congestion curve of arriving passengers throughout the day.