Wayfarer Points


Wayfarer Points provides a compelling and engaging approach to the gamification of loyalty points and programs, delivering low cost, highly valuable insights into a consumer’s behaviour and share of wallet insights.

Wayfarer Points also avails a basket of goods and services to increase consumer engagement, including:

a)           Modular marketplace, including a white label travel solution offering up to 70% discounts on hotels, and a full suite of travel bookings including air, car rental, cruises and more.

b)           Groups, connecting like-minded professionals and consumers who share similar or common affinities for popular products and services with loyalty programs.

c)           A fully customizable “expert zone”, enabling clients to serve content and advertisements to their audience with relative editorial ease

With a focus on serving loyalty and rewards program owners, Wayfarer Points’ gamification of loyalty programs increases user engagement, and ultimately lifetime customer value. Its program structure allows for programmatic marketing and tracking of any and all loyalty programs avails a low cost platform for share of wallet analytics and actionable marketing activities, increasing marketing investment efficacy and consumer satisfaction.