Versa Versa has developed a unique real-time baggage tracking product, compliant with worldwide aviation regulations. Our product removes baggage stress for passengers and helps airlines to provide superior baggage service to their customers. Airlines, or other companies in the travel and aviation domain like airports and (online) retailers, can create their own branded product and either give it to premium passengers or sell it as an ancillary product. The interaction with the traveler about the whereabouts of his or her luggage can be done in multiple ways to accommodate the traveler?s preferred channel: by mobile app, instant messaging (FB messenger, Telegram, Whatsapp, WeChat) and sms. Airlines and ground handlers get access to our Tracker Control Center. Knowing the exact location of a bag enables them to quickly retrieve a misplaced bag or even prevent a bag from missing a flight. Implementing our product is easy and requires no system integration since we collect all relevant information on both baggage and flights in our platform through partnerships with companies like SITA and OAG. A major airline has been using our product since October 2019 and feedback from travellers is very positive.   For further information, please visit ,