Versa has developed a unique real-time baggage tracking solution, compliant with worldwide aviation regulations. The Versa tracker removes baggage stress for passengers and enables airlines and airports to provide superior service to their travelers. The tracker together with the Tracker Control Center (TCC) allows airlines and ground handlers to prevent bags from missing a flight. For that purpose the TCC combines relevant bag, flight and location data. And if a bag does miss a flight, airlines can take immediate action to reschedule it. Passengers can check the location of their bag via a mobile app and instant messaging channels (Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Whatsapp). Implementing the service is easy and requires no system integration since all the relevant information on both baggage and flights is collected in Versa’s platform through partnerships with companies like SITA and OAG. With Versa’s tracking solution airlines and airports can improve their travelers' experience and thus increase the overall customer satisfaction.