Founded in 2005, VariFlight - with a vision of "living on time" - a global leading aviation data intelligence company focused on helping businesses build data application capabilities for achieving growth. Began with the issue of flight delay VariFlight has spearheaded the realization of flight data transparency. In 2011, the company released its first version of the VariFlight mobile application and achieved the milestone of 180 million downloads. VariFlight started working on global flights in 2010 and covered over 94% of the global commercial flight data. VariFlight's data is trusted by over 300 million travelers and thousands of class-leading businesses around the world. VariFlight is composed of a young and dynamic team with over 60% of the total nearly 400 employees dedicated to R&D.
We present a variety of innovative data solutions to meet every demand from our global partners.
*Flight status data API *Flight Happiness Index (FHI) *Flight tracking, OTP, delay prediction, amenities, carbon emissions, etc. *Online data analytics tools
Our data services are helping to shape a more intelligent and efficient future for various businesses.

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