Traditional car rental takes 50 minutes from Desk to drive. With UFODRIVE it takes just 2
minutes. UFODRIVE is pioneering easy fast electric mobility with an advanced technology
platform ensuring a seamless customer experience. Driven by overwhelmingly positive
customer feedback, UFODRIVE has grown rapidly to eight countries with 17 prime
locations in just two years. No queuing, no paperwork, no key, no extras upsell – just
hassle free rental. UFODRIVE has developed the worlds first end-to-end eMobility
technology platform which means customers NEVER have to worry about range and
charging. UFODRIVEs vision is to build the future of car rental on a global scale whilst
encouraging an easy transition to clean electric mobility.

In addition to an amazing car rental experience UFODRIVE offers its technology platform
as a SaaS, software as a service, to aid organisations in making the shift to electric