Tulip Tech


Tulip Tech: Revolutionizing Battery Systems for Drones and Electric Aviation


Tulip Tech is at the forefront of revolutionizing battery performance specifically for drones and electric aviation. With our three key strengths, we provide unmatched value to these industries.


Reliable: Our vertical integration ensures full control over the supply chain. Rigorous testing and flight-simulation guarantee the highest level of reliability and safety.


Scalable: We offer customized, modular battery packs designed for high-volume production. Our tailored solutions integrate our advanced Modular Battery Management System (M-BMS), allowing for seamless scalability. We have the capacity to produce 5000+ packs per year to meet your demands.


High Performance: Our battery packs deliver exceptional pack-level energy densities of up to 360Wh/kg at high C-rates, making them ideal for drones and electric aviation applications.


Join the battery revolution with Tulip Tech. Contact us at info@tulip.tech or visit www.tulip.tech to discover the power of our battery solutions.