Startup is an innovative travel platform for multi-day small group tours with Travel Experts. The company offers a unique tool utilizing AI-powered algorithms to match travelers with enriching experiences and friendly local experts worldwide​​. With a focus on small group multi-day adventures, aims to make travel more intimate and flexible, offering itineraries that leave room for spontaneous experiences and facilitating a laid-back approach to exploring the world​.

Tripsider has also extended its innovative AI technology to aid tour operators. By harnessing the potential of generative AI, the platform can create personalized travel recommendations and itineraries on a large scale in real-time, dramatically increasing efficiency and productivity for tour operators. This AI-based service also allows for the creation of hybrid digital travel products, integrating with real-time tour operators, and providing a more personalized and cost-efficient solution for travelers. This tool serves as a significant asset in the competitive travel industry, helping to create stronger relationships between tour operators and their clients​3.