Trip Ninja


At Trip Ninja, we work with Retail Travel Agencies, Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and Travel Management Companies (TMCs) to create more flight competitive itineraries, faster. We use automation and intelligence to augment booking flows and streamline labour-intense processes. 

When booking a complex itinerary, agents often need to check several combinations of fares, across multiple data sources. This is extremely time-consuming and leads to long onboarding times and high operational costs. 

Trip Ninja empowers agents to find the best fares in seconds by mixing and matching across content sources, from GDSs’, to LCC providers, NDC, and more. We've learned from senior agents, and replicated their expertise using machine learning. We're able to streamline manual search process from 20 minutes or more to less than five minutes while eliminating new-agent ramp-up time and decreasing operational cost.

Quicktrip is powered by a suite of modular APIs, which are available for companies looking to augment a specific aspect of their flight booking process - for example, their multi-city search.