Solring Holdings Ltd


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SolringAir is a dynamic software company specialized in boosting airline profitability through innovative technologies. With over 10 years of experience in the airline and travel domain, our team complements our airline and travel industry experience with practices, which enable our clients leverage numerous opportunities in maximizing profitability.

Our technological solutions have robust capabilities, which optimize costs, increase ancillary revenue streams, elevate UX/UI, and heighten brand positioning for airlines and other users in the airline  e-commerce arena.

A number of SolringAir solutions and products for airlines include:

  • Online Booking Engine (Server app, Web app and Mobile apps iOS/Android)
  • eCheck-in Suite (Web, Kiosks and Mobile iOS, Android)
  • Automated Check-in and Overbooking Manager  
  •  E-Invitations (email, push, sms, social channels etc.)
  • Ancillary Shopping (seats, meals, baggage, other air and non-air services)  
  • Manage My Booking (ticket reissue, ancillaries purchase, upgrades)
  • Native Mobile Applications for iOS and Android
  • Marketing and Campaign Suite  
  • Dynamic Marketing Tool
  • Smart Caching Tool
  • Personalized Ancillary Tool
  • Customer Support Tool
  • NDC complaint APIs