Shift Aviation Solutions Ireland


SMART Aviation Solutions Ireland (SASI) has developed disruptive air traffic management support technology. This will help to reduce and eliminate aircraft holding, and extended vectoring delays, at congested airports. This is an innovation that is not being supplied at present. Our patent-protected solution is called SMARTSlot® and when deployed will result in more predictable flight operations, generating significant benefits and savings for aviation stakeholders and environmental agencies. Simply put, SMARTSlot® provides a predicted time for landing within minutes of the aircraft taking off from its departure airport. This is relayed to the aircraft after take-off and monitored in real time by flight radar feeds, with dynamic updates in-flight. This means that the arrival airport will be able to sequence flights much earlier - resulting in less holding or extended vectoring - thereby creating a level of predictability that is not there today. This is a game-changer for the sector. A significant dividend from the SASI solution is the lowering of aircraft CO2 emissions due to reduced flight holding at congested airports.