OAG ? Connecting the World of TravelĀ  OAG is an air travel intelligence company that provides accurate, timely and actionable digital information and applications to the world?s airlines, airports, government agencies and travel-related service companies who have to comprehend, with clarity and precision, how the world moves in order to advance their businesses with confidence. OAG has the world?s largest network of air travel data and an unrivalled ability to aggregate complex data sets from multiple sources and stages of the travel continuum. It delivers real-time insights, compelling visualisations, powerful applications and analytics for customers worldwide who need to optimise business operations, increase sales and enhance their customers? experience. Through its unmatched global network of tools, high-quality data, experts and relationships, OAG can unlock hidden sources of value, enabling its customers to innovate and advance their businesses. OAG helps its customers to deliver up-to-the-second actionable solutions, shape smart applications that delight travellers and uncover wider opportunities for greater efficiencies and growth. Discover how OAG connects the world of travel atĀ  www.oag.com