MTI Ltd.’s mission is to bring greater convenience and fulfillment to our customers' everyday lives and work as their partners. To continue to be a source of attractive services, we have integrated capabilities covering marketing, production, and development. Our focus is on creating high-quality services that meet customers' expectations.
As the aviation industry is one of our important focus areas, MTI Ltd. plans, develops, and provides aviation weather services for aviation operators.

"ARVI" is a solution for daily flight operations and contributes to your flight's safety and efficient operation.
To realize this, the service has 3 features: the ability to confirm the route and various weather information on one screen, a high-speed data display, and intuitive and easy-to-understand weather information distribution, which enables optimal decision-making for the safety of your flight.

"3D ARVI" further contributes to safer flight operations.
To achieve this, the previously only 2D weather data are now available in 3D from the start, allowing for an intuitive and quick evaluation of bad weather conditions. This allows the selection of safer flight plans than ever before.
In addition, MTI Ltd. is working together with JAXA on the world-first visualization of Aircraft Triggered Lightning.

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