ISO Software Systeme


ISO Software Systeme is an established player in IT consulting and services as well as software development. At its core, ISO develops software for own products and on behalf of customers – using technologies and methods such as microservices, domain-driven design, and high availability.

ISO Software Systeme has been certified by IATA for NDC Level 4, and both the order management system SKYfly Res and passenger revenue software SKYfly Revenue are ONE Order capable. Thanks to the flexible adapter solution SKYfly Broker, airlines can combine their flights with ancillaries – and not only via NDC channels. The modular Internet Booking Engine SKYfly Sell and the tour operator contingency module SKYfly Charter complete the SKYfly Suite.

The SKYfly line of products is used by 21 airlines worldwide. The IATA has certified SKYfly Revenue and the Airline Retailing Platform SKYres as “ONE Order capable”.

Some 610 permanent employees work at several sites throughout Germany as well as in associate companies in Austria, Poland and Canada. ISO Software Systeme with its respective offices in Nuremberg, Munich and Frankfurt, is certified to the requirements of their quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.