Innova IT Solutions


Innova IT Solutions is a solution provider and a system integrator powered by a team of 1200+ professionals with significant experience in a wide range of technologies. Innova has been providing platform-free solutions to both private companies and the public sector -  particularly those operating in aviation, telco, finance, retail, manufacturing and service industries. To date, Innova has offered a full range of aviation, financial technology, customer experience, Internet of Things (Smart City, Smart Store etc.), self service & automation products to 37 countries across four continents.
Turkish Airlines digitalized all flight paperworks for their cabin crew with Innova. Innova’s aviation products are the choice of Leaders.

Innova Aviation Industry Solutions: 
  • AvioFlex Cabin+ promotes the convenient management of the many pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight tasks which Chief Flight Attendants should attend. From supply provision to performance management, it enables the easy management of all processes over a tablet.
  • AvioFlex LIFUS Manager digitizes the training assessment processes of both the cockpit and the cabin personnel. Personnel who have completed their training on the ground proceed to receive actual flight training and complete their evaluation processes over tablet devices.
  • AvioFlex Ops Master is responsible from the 24/7/365 execution of all airline operations in a safe and flawless manner. Many OCC tasks involve synchronous management of multiple factors and constitute the most critical workflows who schedule and carry out hundreds of flights a day.
  • AvioFlex Crew Duty provides a mobile platform that connects pilots, flight attendants and other personnel. This platform facilitates their access to mission-critical information regarding their flights, either over a web portal or through their self-owned mobile devices.
  • AvioFlex Crew Check-In helps the flight personnel with expediting highly-critical time management of flight. This system empowers the flight personnel by letting them view all necessary flight information and  make  pre-flight check-in over their mobile devices.